Dr. Patricia Stevens has a Phd. in Molecular Biology (2010) and after that, followed several educations investigating the relation between food and health. She graduated in 2014 as Epigenetic Therapist II at education centre Evenwijs. In this period, insects and seaweed croosed her path. Both contain valuable nutrients and they can both contribute significantly to increased health. Patricia is a passionate and convincing speaker when it comes to these subjects. Why are these foods so healthy? What is wrong with the current Western diet? How can insects and seaweed help?  Insects and seaweed are also very sustainable to grow. Depending on the topic and/or audience, the lecture will cover several aspects of these novel foods.

The focus of  the talk can be on:

  • Sustainability aspects
  • Edible insects worldwide
  • Nutrional value/health
  • Insects and seaweed in the kitchen
  • Current status of these “novel” foods in Europe

It is possible to combine a lecture with an insect tasting or workshop. For prices or more information: contact us.

Lectures and inspiring sessions given by Bugalicious:

Cargill, Nederland
Medewerkersdag Rijk Zwaan
Rotary club, Staphorst-Reestland
Hotelschool, Den Haag
Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht
Psy-Fi, Leeuwarden
DSM Food Specialties, Rotterdam

Elpine kampvuursessie, Elp
Lavinia Good Food, Amsterdam
Psy-Fi, Leeuwarden
Wetenschapsdag, Eemsdeltacollege Delfzijl
KillgermRIWA infodagen
AOC Terra, Winsum
AOC Oost, Almelo
Happy Insect/het Flevo-landschap, Lelystad

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