Insects and Seaweed

Next to insects as food, we are a big fan of seaweed. Very healthy and sustainable to produce, just like insects. Actually, they are very much alike.

Okay, insects are animals and they live mainly on the land. In contrast, seaweed lives in the sea and is plant-like. But they have a lot in common too!

Both have:

  • High nutritional value
  • They are sustainable in terms of Coemission, water use, antibiotics and land requirement
  • They are not mainstream food in Europe
  • There is a high diversity in species. Insects over a million described, ~2,000 edible. Seaweed ~15,000 described (and still growing), the number of edible species is at least a few hundred.
  • They are a potential source for many industrial applications (paper, plastics, bio-fuel, food additives, medicine)

Do you want to know more about the nutritional value, environmental impact or maybe just about cooking with seaweed or insects? Book a lecture or contact us for the possibilities.

Curious and want to try insects or seaweed dishes? Check our agenda and visit us on a festival or event!

picture by Harry Holsteijn

Toast with seaweed salad and garlic-grasshopper