Do you want to serve something else for a change? Not the usual bitterballs, small bites and cheese and ham? Snacks that are healthy too? Then insectsnacks are a great idea! Your guests will experience that insects for food is quite nice and tasty (if prepared the right way). And people will defenitely talk about it afterwards, you can be sure about that 🙂 But where do you get these snacks? Well, from us of course. We have acquired a lot of experience in cooking with insects since we started in 2013. Some ideas: egg-rolls with mealworms, “crazy” toasts, cricketchips, cakes, salads, seaweed and insectburgers, etcetera.  Curious what this looks like?  You find some examples below. On request we come to your place and prepare everything on location. Your guests may like to see how the grasshoppers are cleaned from their wings and legs and further processed 🙂 Or not hehe. Delivery of already prepared snacks is also an option but the choice will be limited. Insects just taste the best when just prepared. Interested in hiring us? Don’t hesitate and call or email us for a price indication and more information:  +31(0)613182648 or



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