Festivals 2018

Eating insects is still hot. And so is seaweed. It is exciting, sustainable and tasty! But what does it taste like? And what can you do with it? Broaden your horizon and let Bugalicious inspire you with some very nice insects and seaweedsnacks! Served from “the Buggie” the cutest mobile kitchen you have ever seen.

Because of our other activities we will only attend a few festivals this year:

Bevrijdingsfestival, 5 mei, Assen
Fries straatfestival, 26 mei, Leeuwarden
Reurpop, 8-10 juni, Ruurlo
Pagefestival, 16 & 17 juni, Stadskanaal
Wish Outdoor, 29 juni-1 juli, Beek en Donk


Ideas for insect snacks or festivals we really should attend? Let us know: info@bugalicious.nl